La Escuela Primaria y Secundaria de La Palma

La Escuela Primaria y Secundaria de La Palma

La Palma, Ometepe, Nicaragua

(Partnership 2009-present)

La Palma is a small village on the far west side of Maderas Volcano on the island of Ometepe, in Lake Nicaragua. This is a very close community of about 1000 people who live on less than $3 US dollars per day. People grow their own food as members of a cooperative farms as well as privately owned or rented land. The staple foods and most often the only foods available are rice, beans, and plantains. La Palma is by far the most isolated of all our partnered communities.  The small school educates over 400 children (PreK- 11th grade) ages 5 – 19.

To ensure sustainable use of materials and appropriate selections, TALICA helps facilitate book discussions; ultimately, all books lists are created and finalized by local teachers.

Students start reading before the books hit the classrooms.  La Palma students want to say "GRACIAS!"

Elementary students book browsing