La Escuela Primaria de Merida

La Escuela Primaria de Merida

Merida, Ometepe, Nicaragua

(Partnership 2008-2010)

The Primary School of Merida, a community located on the southwest side of the island of Ometepe, enrolls more children than any other village.  This school serves 400+ children and employees 14 teachers.  With most of the residents working in agricultural jobs earning less than $3 dollars per day, one can imagine the needs and stress placed on this community.

TALICA is proud to announced that it has partnered with teachers and school directors and established a collection of reference materials and textbooks larger than any other single contribution in the past. Along with overwhelming collaborative efforts from the community, TALICA helped provide enough to ensure books are available for both classroom and home study. TALICA celebrates with these professionals as we work toward creating learning environments that will ensure access and opportunity for a quality basic education.

A proud sixth grader appreciates her new opportunity.  student_book