Instituto Nacional Robert Drew

Instituto Nacional Robert Drew

Merida, Ometepe, Nicaragua

Community of Merida

This learning community is located on the southwest side of the island.  Robert Drew is home to around 200+ students from grades 7th – 11th. With most of the residents working in agricultural jobs earning less than $2 per day, many students do not graduate due to insufficient financial resources for materials. We are investigating the impact of the books given to the primary school on the enrollment of this high school.

Before TALICA, each teachers had one book per class and students virtually have no textbooks or supplemental materials to assist them through their rigorous classes. Now, Robert Drew has more than 700 textbooks ranging in physics, chemistry, classic Spanish literature, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, world geography, and history.

TALICA is dedicated to this community, and the community is dedicated to sustaining programs these books will help establish.

2015 new addition completed that houses a teacher workroom and extra classroom space for students.

Classroom space before

Classroom space before

Final Classroom

Teacher workroom and classroom space after!
2013 New Science Lab/Book Room completed

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Robert_clip_image002_0018

Robert Drew’s new book and resource room for students and teachers to use daily and on weekends.

Biology in Merida has never been so fun!   Students in Mr. Elvin Cruz's biology class line up to observe onion and human blood cells under their new microscopes.