Primary School Jose Dolores Estrada

Director Sue Ellen Wortzel with educator Genaro Martinez and his students.

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San Pedro, Ometepe, Nicaragua

The Primary School in San Pedro joined TALICA’s partners in 2010. San Pedro is one of the most isolated villages on the island of Ometepe. Members of this community support themselves through agricultural jobs. Families live on less than $2.00 per day. Due to their isolation, local educational projects are essential to this village. Around 140 students and 5 educators from PreK through 6th grade attend and work at the local public school. Our book grants help supplement teachers with necessary textbooks, literature, and teaching aids such as globes, maps and math tools. The teachers strive to obtain resources that will help close the gap regarding access to information. Students are required to complete research and particular investigations as mandated by the national curriculum. Our book grants ensure that students have materials from which to study and learn.

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