University Scholarship Program

TALICA awards scholarships every 5 years to two of the most deserving students from the secondary schools in villages Merida and La Palma on the island of Ometepe.  Students are selected by local school committees.  Candidates are chosen based on academic achievement, community involvement, and financial need.

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TALICA Scholars are given up to $900 annually for 5 years of study.  As little as $75 per month can give students the chance to become a driving force in their communities.  Please consider becoming a partner by sponsoring a very deserving student.

If you would like to sponsor a student please contact Sue Ellen Wortzel at

Meet our TALICA Scholars


Wilmor Arce


Wilmor Arce graduated from The National Institute Robert Drew in Merida, Ometepe, Nicaragua.  He was awarded a TALICA Scholarship in 2011 to study civil engineering at Universidad Nacional Autónoma Nicaragua (UNAN).  He is currently in his third year.




Ania Hernandez


Ania Hernandez graduated from the secondary school in La Palma, Ometepe, Nicaragua.  She was awarded a TALICA Scholarship in 2012 to study clinical technology at Universidad Nacional Autónoma Nicaragua (UNAN).  She is currently in her second year.

TALICA Merit Scholar Program

TALICA’s oldest partnered-school is turning out academic scholars. To date, TALICA has provided nearly 1000 textbooks to the National Institute Jaime Marza in Balgue, Nicaragua.  Local educators, parents, and students are taking advantage of new opportunities and they need our assistance. More and more students are qualifying to compete among Nicaragua’s brightest students from all parts the country in academic competitions in science, math, and Spanish.  TALICA has set up a scholarship fund that will assist these students with the costs of off-island transportation while they actively compete.