TALICA’s Code of Ethics

TALICA’s Code of Ethics


We believe our first responsibility is to our learning communities and libraries in the field. We are responsible to our donors and supporters. We are responsible for each other: board of directors, advisors, volunteers, and staff.

 Our Guiding Principles:

  •  Within the following code “we” will be defined as TALICA board members, staff, volunteers, and members of TALICA partnered educational communities in respecting countries throughout Central America
  •  We offer this code as a compass to guide our work and preserve the original spirit in which TALICA was founded…
  •  We believe literacy is a basic human right and is possible for all human beings.
  •  We empower each other by offering mutual support and holding each other accountable. We aspire to greatness in ourselves and strive to inspire greatness in others,
  •  We are advocates for equal access to information and quality education
  •  We preserve the rights and culture of our beneficiaries in Central America.

 ***  The principles of this Code are expressed in broad statements to guide ethical decision making and inspire greatness within ourselves. These statements provide a framework; they cannot and do not dictate conduct to cover particular situations

 Article I: Business Practices: How we conduct business…

TALICA is a not-for-profit corporation that has been operating since 2006 in the state of Georgia in The United States of America. We believe in following the most ethical of business practices. We see ourselves as members of a global community working toward expanding access to books, information, and building equality for basic education for all people throughout Central America. It is imperative that our conduct in business recognizes, honors, and respects individual country’s customs, traditions, and valued beliefs. We seek to understand these customs, traditions, and valued beliefs by working along side, tuning in, and collaborating with our partners in the field. We hold ourselves and others to high standards of ethical business practices.

  1. Stateside and International Business:

TALICA and its partners are committed to full compliance with laws, regulations and restrictions in the countries where we do business. At no time will any member or partner of the TALICA team conduct business under false pretenses or engage in illegal business practices. Full disclosure of all transactions and contracts is expected.  TALICA is committed to supporting local Central American economies by locally purchasing books, materials, and services that further our mission.

  1. Interactions with government agents, agencies, law enforcement, political parties

TALICA team and partners will honor and obey the laws and policies of each individual country wherein projects are created. It is our responsibility to investigate and understand such laws and policies.

In order to promote the common good and sustain common goals for TALICA library projects, TALICA remains neutral in all political matters to ensure all people have equal access to TALICA library and community programs.

TALICA team and partners deem it unethical to offer money or gifts of any kind to government officials.

  1. Grantee Administrations

TALICA grantees follow through with all guidelines that have been created through collaborative meetings. We encourage and expect grantees to inform TALICA in the event they are having difficulties with following guidelines.

TALICA grantees practice transparency in all TALICA partnerships. Full disclosure of conflicts is reported to TALICA director and collaborative solutions will be made.

       2  Grantor Practices

TALICA honors and respects the traditions, cultures, and practices of its recipients, by providing books, materials, and services based on the grantees’ wishes and needs. At no time will TALICA impose its own agenda and force recipients to comply.

TALICA supports and assists partners when conflicts and challenges arise without judgment or punishment.

TALICA supports self-evaluations of grantees with bi-annual collaborative check-ins.

TALICA equally serves all members of partnerships regardless of race, nationality, political affiliation, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

Article II: Project Involvement (How we conduct ourselves in order to bring positive, sustainable improvements to school and community libraries in the field)

In TALICA’s library and learning programs, we significantly influence the selection, organization, and preservation of information throughout our partnered schools and community libraries. We carry the weight of advocating for intellectual freedom in communities as well as ensuring the freedom of access to information. We work in societies and cultures that are not like our own. We work within government structures that are similar to, but are not based entirely on the same values and principles in which we live in the United States. We work in a second language and deal with colleagues who don’t speak our primary language: English. Therefore; we have the daunting task of maneuvering in and out of situations that carry a high risk of conflict and misunderstandings

In order to honor the culture and traditions of those with whom we work, Article II offers the following expectations to guide our work so that all parties and partnerships are treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

International volunteering

TALICA’s international volunteers believe in the idea that our presence is often more influential than our actions. We will conduct ourselves with the utmost self respect and respect for our hosts in various Central American countries. We will follow guidelines set for by The Travel Specialist,

Guidelines for Responsible Travel.

(See appendix 3)

Program Development

TALICA’s program model is based on collaboration, empowerment and accountability. We pledge to create our programs along side our partners and beneficiaries in respective countries. No program or initiative will be developed and implemented unilaterally. We believe collaboration is the key for local ownership and sustainable growth.

Article III: Work Place Environment

TALICA has the opportunity to inspire other citizens and residents of the United States to become involved in a global cause. TALICA has the opportunity to provide and support schools and communities in Central America in very unique ways; we have the task of dreaming large, creating, and supporting projects that will make TALICA a premier not-for-profit organization. The stateside work place acts as part of the womb for discovery and invites only the most positive and constructive discussions and actions. TALICA’s stateside work place environment is a reflection of its board members’, staffs’, and volunteers’ commitments to helping tackle the educational inequalities that exist throughout Central America.

Board/Committee Meetings

TALICA board and committee meetings are to be conducted with the utmost level of respect and humility. We strive to learn as much as possible from others during discussions. We strive to bring out the best in ourselves and in others by offering sound solutions and sharing a variety of perspectives. We come to each meeting willing and able to step up and offer the very best of ourselves and follow through with actions in a timely manner. We strive to empower each other by expecting the highest level of commitment to TALICA and hold our TALICA community accountable for commitments.

Fund Raising Events

Conduct of TALICA board members and volunteers who participate in fund raising events will be respectful and professional manner. These events provide the stage to inspire and teach others about TALICA projects, and the TALICA team strives to accomplish that.

During fundraising and promotional events, the TALICA team seeks to broaden the TALICA donor community by engaging new guests, supporters and visiting with existing ones.

Personal activities

As a member of the TALICA team, board members, staff and volunteers are representatives of TALICA even in personal activities. At no time does TALICA condone illegal behavior among its board members, staff, and volunteers at any time.

Article IV: Intellectual Property and Confidentiality

TALICA offers one of the most unique opportunities for its board of directors, advisors, volunteers, and staff. We are open and invite new thinking and new innovations by all involved. We encourage the TALICA team to act as pioneers among non-profits and create new and unique programs that will put TALICA on the road to greatness so that we stand out among others.

All programs and research conducted by members of the TALICA team are the sole property of its creator; albeit, TALICA reserves the right to use and expand on these ideas.

Confidential Information: At all times TALICA secures donor information and support documents. At no time should any person or persons of the TALICA team disclose individual donor information.